Strategic Analysis

PhaseOne's in-depth analysis of client's needs, project affordability, peer comparison, design and site analysis, construction costs, project scheduling, and impact on earnings provides our most discerning clients with all the information necessary to make an intelligent and informed decision about their building needs.


Cost Savings

Because PhaseOne's design and construction teams work side-by-side with one another on projects, our design-build projects typically reduce hard costs compared to the conventional method of construction.


Single-source Responsibility

With PhaseOne responsible for complete design and construction, conflicts due to construction delays, non-performance, conflicting schedules, and cost over runs are avoided and your project is run efficiently and cost-effectively.


Time Savings

PhaseOne's total design and construction time is significantly reduced in comparison to conventional methods due to the integration of the design and construction processes.


Early Cost Guarantees

PhaseOne's early price guarantees help owners develop accurate budgets for their project. These cost guarantees eliminate the potential risk of cost over runs for an owner which can impact earnings or create problems with fixed assets guidelines.



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